Crestview, Fl
After trying out the Pinterest way of doing it, I decided to do sugar cookies instead. I used royal icing to decorate them.
You need:
a batch of royal icing split into small batches of the following colors:
brown, white and yellow
3 Piping bags
a #1 or 2 wilton tip (to be cleaned between colors unless you have 3)
3 couplings
1. First, I baked the cookies in the shapes that I wanted them. (She gave me a picture of the bedding so in this case, the shapes are stars and circles.)
2. After outlining all of the cookies I go back to the first and flood it, or fill in the outline. (I go back to the first cookie because the outline should be slightly hardened and this makes it easier to fill.)
3. After flooding the star cookies, I put ball sprinkles on the points (before it sets) to give it a sheriff badge look. Originally I did this with grey, then decided it was too dark, hence it not being in the final photo.
4. After the circle cookies were done I piped a cow pattern with brown icing.
5. I then put them in an airtight container until I am ready to use them next weekend! They will be accompanied by 4 pacifiers on the remaining 4 cupcakes.

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