Crestview, Fl
Yesterday was a very special day for the Turmans. We FINALLY got to have our big wedding reception. We got married in quite a frenzy since we found out he would be leaving in a few months. The plan was always to have a big party when he got back, the Army had other plans. Don't they always? :) He finally got some time off and we decided it was time to celebrate. We invited all of our close family and friends and did it up big in the back yard of my mother in laws house. The food was amazing, the company was incredible, but the real star was the cucpakes. We got them from Carolina Cupcakery ( Dawn Eskins is the owner. She has been featured in Modern Bride magazine, participated in Cupcake Wars twice, and makes some of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted. We had 4 flavors: Key Lime, Banana Pudding, We Promise (Chocolate chip Cheesecake), and Chocolate Happiness. If you really want an amazingly moist but not overly sweet cupcake, the We Promise is my absolute favorite cupcake in the whole world. Hands down. No contest whatsoever. I will be posting some of the recipes of some of the other food I made in other posts this week. Stay  tuned to hear about the carrot souffles that people raved over!

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