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Have you ever wondered about the magic behind an ice cream cake? It is easier than you probably thought. 

1. Pick the ice cream you want and let it get a little soft. Not too soft. Not melted. Just soft enough to scoop. A hot spoon or ice cream scooper comes in handy.
2. Spray the pan with cooking spray and line it pan with plastic wrap. (The pan needs to be the same size as the cake you are baking. Here I did an 8 in round cake.) Make sure the plastic wrap comes up over the edges. This is important!
3. Scoop the ice into the lined tin. Smash it down so that it lies flat and there aren't any air bubbles. 
4. Take the plastic wrap on the sides and fold it own over the ice cream.
5. Pop the whole thing in the freezer.

6. Bake your cake. I only have two 8 in pans so I made the ice cream a day ahead of time so it would have its shape. Then I left the ice cream in the freezer and took the pan out to bring it to room temp.

7. I then let the cakes cool and leveled them. 
8. Make your frosting.
9. Frost the bottom layer.
10. Take the ice cream out and place it on the bottom layer.
11. Working quickly, out the top layer on and frost the whole cake. Then pop it in the freezer until about 30-40 minutes before you are going to serve it. 
12. Using a hot knife, cut the cake and serve. Enjoy!!


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