Crestview, Fl
Baseball...America's favorite past time! Back when I was a teacher, I used to go to my student's games on Saturdays. Sit out in the sun and get a tan (or in my case more freckles!) while enjoying the big smiles on my second graders' faces got when they saw that their teacher actually came to their game. I got quite a bit of positive feed back on the last baseball cake I made. So when I got a phone call to make a baseball mitt cake for a team's end of year party, I was all for it. I smoothed it all out with a few creases here and there to look more leathery (my husband's idea since I am right clueless about such things). Then I put in some stitching. I think it turned out pretty well. I can't wait to finish up the 12 cupcakes that go with it! 

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