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This is sinfully good. So good that it is only made in our house every once in a while. My all time favorite bread is sourdough. For sandwiches, for french toast, and now even for a decadent breakfast like this. 

*Preheat the oven to 350
*Start out with a good piece of crusty bread. Mmmmmm. 
*Then make some honey butter. Mix together 1/2c butter, 1/4c powdered sugar, and 1/4c honey. Whip it up and set it aside.
*Mix 1c sugar with 1.5 tsp cinnamon sugar in a bowl and set it aside

*Cut the bread lengthwise into 1in slices. Be careful NOT to cut it through the bottom. 
*Rotate the bread 90 degrees and cut it in 1 in slices again. Again, do NOT cut it all the way through.
*Spread the honey butter in between all of the cuts.
*Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar in between the cuts. Bake it 20-30 minutes, until bread is warm. 
*Mix 1c powdered sugar with 1-2 tsp water/milk. 
*Drizzle the icing over the warm bread and serve immediately. This is warm, buttery, sweet goodness.


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