Crestview, Fl
TO make the bouquet:
24 mini cups (I used plastic shot glasses from the dollar store)
Wooden skewers
Ribbon (any kind that you want)
Paper tissue
Strofoam ball or disc that fits into the pot
24 mini cupcakes

How to:
1. Bake the cupcakes (I did red velvet and strawberry, yum!)
2. Take them out of the oven and put them on a rack to cool
3.Fit the disc into the pot. You don't want it to sit on the bottom. Mine fit about halfway down
4. Drill holes into the cups. Use the skewer to decide how big the hole needs to be. If you can find soft plastic cups you can just poke the hole in the bottom of the cup. I could only find the hard plastic shot cups.
5. Stick the skewers into the cup hole. 
6. Place the  skewers in the styrofoam. Arrange them to look like a bouquet
7. Trim down the BOTTOM of the skewers until they sit close to the top of the pot (If you don't do this, it will be top heavy and well, lets just say my car had a lot of pink frosting everywhere)
8. Poke holes into the cupcakes with the point end of a skewer or something with a point
9. Cut the sheets of tissue paper in half and place them all around the pot to cover up the sticks
10. Place the cupcakes into the cups
11. Frost them however you'd like 
This is one of my favorites:

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