Crestview, Fl
These are butter cookies with a little twist. I don't know about you but I absolutely LOVE butter cookies. They aren't quite as sweet as sugar cookies so they pair well with things that have that extra bit of sweetness. My sister in law made us some Christmas butter cookies to take on our honeymoon. As soon as we got back I asked for the recipe and I haven't used any other recipe since. They are so soft and they just melt in your mouth. So what do you do when you have cookie dough left from a cookie delivery and you have tons of mini candies left from your husband's Easter basket? You cook them together of course! 
You need mini candies and any butter cookie recipe you choose to use. Any type of candy works but I used Milky Way and Snickers. (My husband now wants some with kitkats in them.) 
1. Preheat your oven to 350
2. Take a tbs of cookie dough and flatten it out
3. Place the unwrapped candy in the middle and pull the sides up over the candy. Make sure to push together any seams all the way around the ball. Any holes will cause caramel to leak out while you are cooking it.
4. Place the cookie balls on a baking sheet and cook them 10-12 minutes or until the cookie is cooked and brown on the bottom.
5. Make sure to let them cool before you eat them!
Elephant cookies I made for a baby shower tomorrow. She wanted blue, yellow, and pink for Baby Emma. They are butter cookies with a royal icing on top. I absolutely love royal icing. The icing is the perfect pairing for butter cookies since they aren't a very sweet cookie. I think my husband could eat an entire tub of t
These are fondant toppers for the Skylanders cupcakes next week. I think they turned out pretty well. The skull was the hardest to do. The royal icing kept over-flooding so I ended up drawing the skill on with edible ink markers. I traced the shapes onto the rest with the marker and then used the icing to fill in the lines.

After trying out the Pinterest way of doing it, I decided to do sugar cookies instead. I used royal icing to decorate them.
You need:
a batch of royal icing split into small batches of the following colors:
brown, white and yellow
3 Piping bags
a #1 or 2 wilton tip (to be cleaned between colors unless you have 3)
3 couplings
1. First, I baked the cookies in the shapes that I wanted them. (She gave me a picture of the bedding so in this case, the shapes are stars and circles.)
2. After outlining all of the cookies I go back to the first and flood it, or fill in the outline. (I go back to the first cookie because the outline should be slightly hardened and this makes it easier to fill.)
3. After flooding the star cookies, I put ball sprinkles on the points (before it sets) to give it a sheriff badge look. Originally I did this with grey, then decided it was too dark, hence it not being in the final photo.
4. After the circle cookies were done I piped a cow pattern with brown icing.
5. I then put them in an airtight container until I am ready to use them next weekend! They will be accompanied by 4 pacifiers on the remaining 4 cupcakes.
Next weekend I have a Western themed baby shower cake. They wanted a dozen cupcakes to go with the cake that fit into the theme so I made these using a technique I found on Pinterest. They look cute, they taste good, but they are way too soft since they are made from buttercream. There is just no way that they will hold up on a cupcake, especially in this Florida weather. (Let's not take today's weather into account on that one!) I am currently working on take two: sugar cookies with themed royal icing. Pictures will be up some time this weekend or Monday!

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