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I have seen quite a few fondant flowers lately and I have been itching to try one. I think this actually looks more like a water lily. They are such beautiful flowers. Today I had some extra time and decided try my hand at it and make one. Here is how I made it.
You will need:
Wire (I used 26 guage)
Daisy cutters in 3 sizes
Foam pad
Modeling stick
Rolling pin
Glue (I used a bit of gumpaste in water)
Veining tool (optional)
Vodka and luster dust (optional)

1. Rub the shortening on the surface of the mat or counter
2. Roll some of the fondant into a ball (depends on the size of your cutters. Mine ended up being about 1 in round
3. Dip your wire in the glue and insert it into the ball of fondant. 
4. Let it harden 

5. Cut out 3 small daisies. Use a back and forth motion to get a good clean shape. (If this doesn't work use a small fondant spatula that comes in the kit and brush it along the sides of the petals.)
6. Place the flowers on the foam pad.
7.Use the pointed modeling stick to flatten the petals and create lines by making a v like shape.
8. Put glue on the petals and the center of each flower and push the wire through the center of each. This should look like a mum. (I got excited about how well it was going and forgot to take a picture of this part.)

9. Cut out 2 large daisies. 
10. Use the modeling stick and the foam pad again to create definition on the petals.
11. Put the first flower into the flower forming cup
12. Put glue down and the second flower on top of it. 
13. Pinch the ends of the flowers
14. Make 2 medium daisies and repeat 10-12
15. Place the bud on top of the 4 flowers with glue (flower formers have holes in the middle)
16. Viola! All done! At this point you can mix some vodka and luster dust to make it sparkly if you want. 

I hope you enjoyed it and that it helps you make your own. Feel free to let me know how yours went or ask any questions. 

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