Crestview, Fl
I am getting better and better at these transfers! Keep them coming folks! I had someone ask for a Wonder Woman cake and I automatically thought of a transfer for the top. It is a small 6 in cake so it took some computer finagling to get it the right size but I think the end result really paid off. They are quite a bit of work. This one took about an hour and a half just to do Wonder Woman. You can't go wrong with my vanilla bean cake. I could eat the whole thing of batter. Once it is baked it is so light, fluffy, and sweetly delicious. Perfect balance of sweetness. Hope you enjoy it!
One of my favorite past times growing up was horseback riding. Every weekend I look forward to going out to my instructor's house and riding. It was a freeing feeling. The smell of the horse and the earth while gliding through the air. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. I got a message to do an organic horse cake and I couldn't wait to get started. This was actually my first experience with baking an organic cake and I was worried about how it would turn out. I actually really enjoyed the taste and texture of it. The cake was a bit more dense than my usual light and fluffy cakes, but not overwhelmingly so. I learned something new while doing something I enjoy doing...baking!
Baseball...America's favorite past time! Back when I was a teacher, I used to go to my student's games on Saturdays. Sit out in the sun and get a tan (or in my case more freckles!) while enjoying the big smiles on my second graders' faces got when they saw that their teacher actually came to their game. I got quite a bit of positive feed back on the last baseball cake I made. So when I got a phone call to make a baseball mitt cake for a team's end of year party, I was all for it. I smoothed it all out with a few creases here and there to look more leathery (my husband's idea since I am right clueless about such things). Then I put in some stitching. I think it turned out pretty well. I can't wait to finish up the 12 cupcakes that go with it! 
This cake was one I really loved working on. It was fun to try out new things and see how it worked out. The cake is all vanilla with vanilla buttercream. The top is half of a baseball, done in chocolate, airbrushed red. The mortar is red fondant (left to dry for over a week to make it nice and hard). The tassel is hand rolled fondant in black and white. That gave me the most trouble. Someone told me to use a garlic press. Boy oh boy did that not work. I suppose I need to invest in a clay gun the next time I do a tassel! The paws I made by creating a template and cutting them out of black fondant. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and ask!

I had a last minute cake request for my baby carriage cake. This is a cake I have done several times this month and it always turns out so cute. I still remember the first time I made it. It was for my baby sister's baby shower. Back then I barely knew anything about decorating cakes. I can bust it out fairly quickly at this point. The elephant cookies turned out very tasty and matched fairly well with the cake. 
I really had a lot of fun doing this cake. It was so much fun from start to finish. I am a country girl through and through (Virginia born and raised y'all!!) and this cake really spoke to that part of me. My husband actually had the great idea to make a carriage cake pan look like a covered wagon. He's definitely has his brilliant moments! I iced the cake, then took the side of my icing spatula and traced the lines in the cake before going back and doing all of the piping. I think it turned out pretty well. :)
As for the cupcakes, my grandmother actually taught me how to make the pacifiers years ago. It's two lifesavers "glued" together with frostin and topped with a jelly bean. I showed you how I made the cookie decorations. 
This cake tested me. She showed me a pic of what she wanted but didn't want the fondant. After a LOT of research I decided not to try to copy the picture exactly and just get the jist of it. Anyone that decorates knows how hard whipped frosting is to work with since it is so soft. When it was finished, I was happy with the end product. I ended up going with a swishing motion all the way around. I think I was happiest with how smooth the top of it turned out. A plus of working with the whipped frosting!! I didn't even need my trusty paint roller to smooth it! 
A beach themed cake with beach cupcakes $45 for the cake $12 for the cupcakes
Birthday cakes for a 6 year old boy that likes the Cars movie and a pink & orange cake for an 11 year girl that simply said "I want pink and orange." $40 for the Cars cake, $35 for the pink cake

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